North Korea’s Underground Nuclear Testing

Several months ago what was initially reported by major news sources such as CNN, ABC and NBC that an earthquake had rocked North Korea was actually underground nuclear testing which is contrary to the Treaty for the Non-Proliferation of Weapons. Therefore, potential disaster looms as the North Korean government continues to push nuclear weapons. Kim Jong UN and his government have persistently threatened the United States and South Korea governments. In a move to proclaim their superiority and position they have repeatedly claimed their missiles could reach the shores of the United States. In addition recent satellite photos showed North Korea may have been sealing the tunnel into a mountainside where a nuclear device could be exploded further emphasizing the serious nature of this situation. North Korea says U.S. hostility and the threat of American troops in South Korea are principal reasons behind its nuclear drive. The U.S. stations about 28,500 troops in South Korea, a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty. Further the North Korean government also says it has the sovereign right to launch rockets to send satellites into orbit under a space development program. However, the U. S. poses that the December launch was actually a disguised test of banned missile technology. Nuclear threats coming from North Korea are not new for Pyongyang’s two previous nuclear tests, in 2006 and 2009, both occurred after it was struck with increased sanctions for similar rocket launches. The U.S., South Korea and other countries have urged North Korea to abandon its nuclear test plans or face serious consequences. In a show of force directed at North Korea, South Korean and U.S. troops have commenced naval drills recently amid signs that Pyongyang will soon carry out a threat to conduct its third atomic test.
With the international community wanting nuclear testing abandoned, diplomats are meeting to find ways to persuade North Korea to scrap its nuclear test plans. New U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his South Korean counterpart Kim Sung-hwan have held recent telephone conversations agreeing to sternly deal with any possible nuclear provocation by North Korea, according to Seoul’s Foreign Ministry. As recently reported, South Korea has also sent its top nuclear negotiator to China, the North’s main ally and aid benefactor, to talk with the North Korean government.
Taking the necessary steps to defend against possible North Korean ballistic missile launches, the Department of Defense released a statement that the U.S. military is sending a land-based missile defense system to Guam to defend against possible North Korean ballistic missile launches. Further, the statement said the missiles, a truck-mounted launcher, and radar and target acquisition systems will be deployed in the very near future indicating weeks. U.S. Defense officials have informed CNN that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is expected to announce this week that the Pentagon is enhancing the nation’s ability to defend itself from a nuclear missile attack by North Korea. It is expected that Hagel will announce deployment of up to 14 additional ground-based interceptors on the West Coast, according to official statements released.


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