Change of Direction – Why Am I So Skittish?

In my previous blog I mentioned I would continue on with the topic of organ transplantation  with more information but I am going to take a detour to another topic that is of concern to me and for which I have noticed that I am getting to be very skittish. 

Why do I profess to be skittish? 

Well, for a couple of reasons.  911 devastated us as a nation.  The disaster/crisis occurred in a major metropolitan city, catching us off guard and evidencing our vulnerability.  Since that horrible day some Americans have become complacent and are not fully aware of what is going on around them.  Whether we take it for granted that law enforcement is there to protect us at all times or we have become lax in the awareness of our surroundings – take heed. We are living in an era of terrorism, domestic or international. It exists and we must recognize it for what it is. 

Just this morning as I was driving my usual short commute to work, I noticed two abandoned back packs/suitcases left outside a vacant store front.  While this may not be a key site for any kind of “situation” it did occur to me that perhaps I should call the police.  I thought better of it and considered that the bags belonged to a homeless person as they do frequent the area. 

But then I recalled the recent crisis/disaster in Boston that occurred near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on April 15th. The vision of the two suspects is firmly etched in my mind as they were photographed after dropping their back packs, walking calmly away knowing the havoc and physical harm they were about to inflict.  WOW!  No one noticed – no one had their awareness antenna on…. We are constantly told at airports to be aware of unattended bags, packages etc.  It does not need to be a major event that draws thousands of people but anywhere and everywhere we live under this cloud. 

I am not saying we should live in doom and gloom but awareness and vigilance is vital for our protection, survival and peace of mind.  Our enemies, foreign adversaries or call them what you may, have given us their word that they will continue to strike – hitting us at our most vulnerable time: when we are the least aware. Take heed in this warning for we all should do our part at all times to keep us safe.



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